Swaminarayan Temple in Anand

Swaminarayan Temple in Anand
Swaminarayan temple is also famously known as the Vadtal Dham Swaminarayan Mandir (Mandir being the term for Temple in Hindi). This beautiful Hindu Temple is the next in line in our list of places to visit in Anand. Geographically, this temple is in Vadtal a small village under Anand District Administration. Vadtal is a beautiful place rich in natural lowland charms, famous for it houses Swaminarayan Temple.

The village owes its natural beauty to the river Gomti that flows through the village.

The temple has an interesting history to it. The devotees of the village requested Swaminarayan to construct a temple of Lord Krishna in the village who immediately sent a band of workmen to start the construction work. The land for the mandir was donated by a dacoit called Joban Pagi who turned a devout. The mandir was established within 15 months. Swamiji himself placed the idols amidst ostentatious ceremony.

Architecture of Swaminarayan Temple in Anand

Swaminarayan temple in Anand is a six storied marvel of beautiful architecture and amazing carving.  A popular tourist hub, this temple is dedicated to several Hindu Gods and Goddesses. The temple is known for its glorious wood carvings, majestic wooden pillar and exquisitely decorated idols. The temple complex has serene and peaceful surroundings.

The temple in Gujarat is constructed in the shape of lotus with nine inner domes. Each dome has distinct characteristics. The walls of the temple are etched with colorful mural depicting various incidents on the life of Lord Rama.

Shrines in Swaminarayan Temple in Anand

  • The first story of the complex enshrines the idols of Lord Harikrishna and Narayan Lakshmi.
  • The second and third story is reserved for Guru Parampara.
  • The idol of Shri Akshar Purushottam is placed on the fourth Shrine and
  • The idol of Lord Ghanshaym Maharaj is placed in the fifth shrine of the complex.

Main Attraction of Swaminarayan Temple in Anand

The first three shrines are the main attractions in the temple with finely carved idols of Shri Radha Krishna placed on the right, the idol of supreme power Shri Harkrishna placed at the center and towards the left is placed the idol of Shri Vasudev. The idols are etched with exquisite workmanship and intricate adoration.

Ghanbaug garden located in the premises of the temple is another reason that drives people to the temple. The bank at the Gomti River is a very vitally attractive place to visit for the enchanting and poetic ambiance.

During the festivals, the temple is decorated with colorful lights that look purely divine. The night view is simply beautiful when the domes and pillars illuminate in bright light.

Food in Swaminarayan Temple in Anand

You are at Vadtal and you don’t know what to have for a lip smacking meal? Do not worry yourself too much. The area has many dhabas, stalls and restaurants to keep your appetite satiated. You can find popular junk food, traditional thali (platter) as well as continental food.

Our favorite pick from Vadtal is a Gujarati Thali complete with local dessert. While you tour the place do not forget to taste the endless variety of local snacks available at the restaurants nearby. To savor the real taste of the small village springing with local charm, do try it!
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