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Gyan Baug

When you reach Vadtal which is about 11.4 km from Anand, you will realize the peaceful and meditative atmosphere of the place. In fact it’s so serene and calm you would want to stay there for longer!

Gyan Baug

Location of Gyan Baug

This religious place is located on the way to Kanjari from Vadtal, a village associated with Anand District of Gujarat. Nearby cities from Gyan Baug are Vadtal and of course, Anand. Chikhodra is also pretty close to Gyan Baug. Gnyanbaug is located in the northwest of the Swaminarayan temple gate. This garden has four memorials all dedicated to Lord Swaminarayan ji.

The Spiritual Gyan Baug

Call Gyan Baug or Jnan Baug, is a sanctuary of peace, just a few km away from Anand. The Shri Gyan Baug is located in Vadtal, a village that is a part of Anand District. This place is known for its peaceful surroundings and natural beauty. People come to this place a spiritual site offering scope for 'Dhyan' and 'Bhakti' two main parameters of pure spiritualism and devotion.

Gyan Baug radiates with divine vibrations and spiritual peace owing to Bhagawan Swaminarayan this place is devoted to. Flourishing an awe inspiring heritage of art, and culture of Swaminarayan Fellowship, this Baug is a unique place. Strewn with paintings based on life and ethics of Lord Swaminarayan, the place radiates with a unique charm. The place offers a pretty nice outdoor excursion to explore when you are in Anand.

Visitors believe that this place fills your mind, heart and soul with divine peace and tranquility. When you are in Anand, it is a must visit place and very well recommended by our team.

Attractions in Gyan Baug

Monuments: The twelve stone monuments in the mango orchard are a reminder of the meetings held by the swami and his devotees. The monuments are present a calm view of the edifices juxtaposed with the aromatic greenery and tranquility of the orchard.

Mural Paintings: The mural paintings lacing the walls of the premises in the Jnan Baug are an eye catching sight. These painting memorialize the life and teachings of Swaminarayan.  Gyan Baug stands as a memorial to the Swami with vivid pictorial depictions.

Mango Orchards: The sacred ground of Gyan Baug offers the cool serenity by the mango orchards. In fact the mango orchard sprinkles a fruity aroma in the atmosphere making it quite spellbinding.

Religious Prominence of Gyan Baug, Vadtal Dham

Gyan Baug is the place where Shree Hari (a saint devoted to Lord Swaminarayan) organized assemblies, gathering and festivals for devotees of Lord Swaminarayan. The lord used to sit here on the dais to offer “darshan” (view) and deliver sermons.

The Baug arched preserves the 12 stone monuments that commemorate the meeting sessions of the Swami with his devotees on profound matters of religion. Ever since, Gyan Baug or “bethak” or “baithak” (meeting ground, parlor) is used for spiritual discussions from the very times of Bhagwan Swaminarayan himself. Here the Lord had swung on a swing. The stone is preserves the the garden precinct ever since. In the lake there is a shelter, and near it is the canopy that exists till date.
The place is quite significant and revered as it offers:
  1. Divine Spots for Darshan in Gyan Baug
  2. Holi, the festival of colors is celebrated with great enthusiasm here.  
  3. The place also serves as a crematorium for great saints and disciples of Lord Swaminarayan.
  4. The well in this baug is the only live well to date in Vadtal Dham.
  5. Swami ji used to sit under a mango tree in the orchard and preached and delivered sermons from Vachanamrit to his disciples and devotees.
  6. The baithak stone is also considered sacred as the Swami himself used to sit there among his devotees and disciples.

Festivities in Gyan Baug

Gyan Baug witnesses grand celebrations and festivities of numerous religious groups all round the year. Saints and devotees consider the garden of Gyan Baug as divine for its heritage. The place symbolizes the ethics of spiritualism and provides a peaceful sanctuary in the rustic beauty of the surrounding away from the wealth and temptations of the worldly life. Devotees believe worshiping here makes the devotees eligible for not only spiritual gains but worldly material bliss as well.

Why Visit Gyan Baug

If you are religious or spiritual and feel like taking a break from all the worldly matters, being a part of peaceful set-up, Gyan Baug is a place for you. You can be here to have some really good time as,

  • A visit to Gyan Baug is a beautiful outdoor excavation away from the humming noise of city life. It’s a perfect site for those with spiritual and religious inclinations. Those looking for a calm and leisure outdoor activity can definitely check this place out.
  • It’s a sacred place and is quite busy during all times of the day. It’s amusing to see a mix of various people loosening themselves a bit to get into the religious mode.
  • There are several picturesque spots which you will want to click in your camera. Its can serve as a delightful outing for photo buffs.
  • The snacks you will get near the garden area are quite mouthwatering. Do make sure you taste some.

How to Visit Vadtal from Anand

Vadtal is well connected with Anand. You can hire a taxi or a state transport facility. Distance from Anand to Vadtal is barely 11 km. It takes about 20-25 minutes to reach Vadtal. However, the journey time may vary depending on the condition of the road and traffic.
Nearest Cities are Vadtal, Anand and Chikhodra.

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