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Art and Craft in Anand

Of course the major Industrial output from Anand comes from the dairy Industry, but art and craft is the next best thing the district is known for. Though, initially the handmade items were meant for everyday utility, but eventually the items became the fame of Gujarat. In Anand, you will find the best of all things that are popular and famous world over.

Art and Craft in Anand

In fact, it will not be an understatement to say that the confounding variety is the prime reason why the buyers consider the place as nothing less than a shopper’s paradise.

Textile in Anand

Weaving, dyeing printing and embroidery, you name it and every part of Gujarat has a community dedicated to the art and mastering it. The combinations of yarns, good quality raw material and a fine combination of modern and traditional technique make the textile industry most prosperous in Gujarat. Patola, Gharchola, Panetar, Deesa, Brocade, it’s all there in Anand.

Embroidery and Printing Work in Anand

Embroidery and printing are quintessential arts practiced all over Gujarat. You can find women indulging in refining the fabric with mirror work and with bright colors of yarns, meticulously etching vibrant designs specially the camel and peacock patterns.

Art and Craft of Anand

Various printing techniques including traditional block printings and modern technique of screen printing apart from tie and die technique and bandhej work all make the fabric industry in Gujarat a most endearing part of the economy and culture.

Rugs and Carpets of Anand

Rugs, carpets, blankets and dhurries are the staple for many villages. Though weaved specifically in Kutch on those primitive pit looms, the items can be easily located in Anand. These have a high demand all over the world for their intricate designs, beautiful embroideries and impeccable color schemes.

Jewellery of Anand

The use of open wire, filigree work, semi precious stones and beads make the jewelry made here stand out with its finery.

Art and Craft of Anand

Bead stones made of agate, are found in the bay of Khambat which come to Anand for stringing are one of the ancient jewelry making art flourishing in the region ever since the Mughals.

Wood Carving in Anand

You can find exquisite designs carved out of wood adorning furniture and other home decor fill the market with plenitude. Lacquer work, using mostly ivory is a specialty in Gujarat. Furniture is an attractive embellishment you will find everywhere in Anand, Gujarat.

Sculptors and Figurines of Anand

Miniature sculptures made of wood and ivory are a delight to see. You can also find life size pieces in terra-cota, porcelain and marble as well. In fact these are sold by hundreds, not only from Anand but from every corner of the state.

Paintings of Anand

Miniature paintings are most commonly found in Anand. Mostly these paintings are based on religious themes and Anand is one of the places in India which draws tourists on the ground of religion. 

Clay Items of Anand

Clay molding and pottery is another very famous art and craft is very well appreciated in Gujarat. These items are mostly used for kitchen utility. Once the clay is set into various shapes and sizes, then it is painted in various dramatic colors. In fact Terra-cotta toys are also a rage in the region.

Metal Work of Anand

Magnificent cutlery and utility items made of brass, iron, and tin are in high demand in Gujarat. You can find amazing designs and breathtaking techniques displayed in a variety of items in the malls and bazaars all over Anand.

Find the Best!

You can check out the malls and haats (open markets) in Anand for the best bargains on these items. State owned emporiums offer all the handicrafts and hand looms you may fancy at reasonable prices.

Anand is replenished with gift options. The stuff you will find here can be presented to friends and family or simply kept as heirloom for years to come.

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