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Accommodations in Anand

Infrastructure is considered as soul of city. It plays important role in developing business environment and tourism. Anand is one of the foremost towns of Gujarat that has crafted its name for white (milk) revolution in India. Through the course of time, the city has been developed as big industrial town as well as good tourism place. Due to such elements, foot fall of visitors, either tourists or business travelers is supplementary in this area.

Various types of Accommodations available in Anand

Even it is measured as good locations for studies which draw lots of people for education. To cater such travelers and migrants in the city, there are numbers of options available here for accommodation. Let us see some of the prime and focused types of accommodation available in the town.

Star Rated Hotels in Anand

Reputed 5 star and 3 star hotels in the region of Anand

Travelers can be classified into various types according to their sophistication and modishness. Some of the elite people desire to stay at lavish hotels for accomplished stay at holiday destinations. For such visitors, Anand is encompasssed with good amount of 3 star hotels. These hotels offer exclusive stay along with luxury and comfort. Here, visitors are treated as guests. They avail all proficiencies to give mesmerizing experience while living in Anand. Swimming pool, fitness center, coffee shops, multi cuisine restaurant, spa, bar lounge, reception and el eh are deployed in these accommodations for refreshing and rejuvenating experience.

List of Hotels and Resorts in Anand

List of Hotels and Resorts in Anand

Here are the details of hotels and resorts located in the region of Anand.

Hotel Relax

Address: 3rd Floor, Hariba Vyapar Bhavan,
Near Railway Station, GPO Road,
Anand - 388121
Mobile No: + (91) - 8980600006
Phone No: 02692 - 242429, 243240
Fax No: 02692 - 242429, 243240

Motel Sanvaria Regency
Address: 2nd Floor, Shilp Complex, Above Canara Bank,
Opp. Bhaikaka Statue, Vallabh Vidyanagar, Anand - 388120
Mobile No: + (91) - 9099690069
Phone No: 02692 - 235090, 235091

Rama Residency Hotel
Address: 3rd Floor, Shree Ram Arcade, Old Gopal Cinema,
Near Arya Samaj, Station Road, Anand - 388001
Mobile No: + (91) - 9429160991, 9537127887
Phone No: 02692 - 266446, 266447
Website: www.hotelramaresidency.com

Neejanand Luxurious Resort and Ayurvedic Spa
Address: Aatithya Restaurant, Near Andharia Chakla,
Village- Khandhali, Anand - 388001
Mobile No: + (91) - 8401699986
Phone No: 02692 - 656812
Website: www.neejanand.com

La Casa Inn
Address: Near Ganesh Crossing,
Anand - Sojitra Road,
Anand - 388001
Phone No: 02692 - 264801, 264802
Website: www.lacasainn.in

Hotel Laksh Residency
Address: Opp town Hall, Anand - 388001
Mobile No: + (91) - 9909267900
Phone No: 02692 - 267898
Website: www.hotellakhresidency.com

Hotel Shyam Regency
Address: F-1, Shyam Arcade, Karamsad Chokdi,
Vallabh Vidyanagar, Anand - 388120
Mobile No: + (91) - 9925497518, 9825607321
Phone No: 02692 - 229000, 233335

Hotel Favourite Regency
Address: Near Railway Station, Vallabh Vidhyanagar,
Anand - 388121
Mobile No: + (91) - 9426073383
Phone No: 02692 - 230884, 235769
Fax No: 02692 - 230867

Hotel Aashiyana
Address: Near Railway Station,
Anand - 388121
Mobile No: + (91) - 9033924626,
Phone No: 02692 - 255023
Fax No: 02692 - 255024

Aaram Hotel
Address: D K Shopping Centre, Opp. Old Bus Stand,
GPO Road, Anand - 388001
Mobile No: + (91) - 9998430429
Phone No: 02692 - 253351, 242541

Hotel Decent
Address: 3rd Floor, Manish Market,
Near Super Market, Tunki Gully,
Anand - 388001
Phone No: 02692 - 254932

Motel Surya Inn
Address: Opposite Old Bus Station,
Near Agro Chemical, Anand - 388001
Mobile No: + (91) - 9898940740
Phone No: 02692 - 254346

Hotel Holiday Wing
Address: Jaylaxmi Tower, Ganesh Crossing Road,
Anand - 388001
Phone No: 02692 - 257786

Hotel Pooja International
Address: Amul Dairy Road, Amul Dairy,
Anand - 388001
Mobile No: + (91) - 9824277672
Phone No: 02692 - 254253

Madhubhan Resort & Spa
Address: Near Elecon Engineering Company, Anand Sojitra Road,
Vallabh Vidyanagar, Anand - 388120
Mobile No: + (91) - 9727783408, 9727773095, 9727786938
Phone No: 02692 - 239268, 239269, 239270, 239271
Toll Free: 18002339009
Website: www.madhubhanresortandspa.com

Vatika Resort
Address: Umeta Bridge, Next To Mahi River, Umeta Sindhrot,
Borsad Road, Anklav Anand - 388507
Mobile No: + (91) - 9099070354

Resorts in Anand

Staying in serene location is always an aspiration for tourists. In Anand, these peoples are allowed to live their dreams at various rejuvenating resorts located in and around the town. Resorts in Anand are offering some of the best accommodations to business travelers and tourists. Here, these resorts are furnished with serene location, mesmerizing ambiance, and exquisite facilities. Luxury with comfort, staying in amidst of nature, and re-energizing features are the key attractions of resorts in Anand.

Mesmerizing Facilities at Resorts in the city of Anand

Different theme based resorts are established in this region to give extraordinary stay in city. Village, Nature, Safari, and Heritage are some of the prominent themes which are seen in these resorts of Anand. Their recreational facilities are perfect for business travelers who insist on unwinding features which residing.

Budget Hotels in Anand

Budget hotels always attract frequent travelers who requite to have a prolonged stay at destination. In Anand, there are many budget hotels that offer pocket friendly accommodations to visitors of this city. Budget hotels are offering flawless rooms with some luxuries and good comfort. The facilities provided are always up to the mark and they save lots of money as well.

Accommodations at Budget Hotels in Anand

Few amenities like unwinding facilities or recreational proficiencies are cut down in these accommodations but stay is quite comfortable at budget hotels of Anand. These hotels are priced around Rs. 500 to Rs. 1000/- for two individuals per day. Apart, the management is always ready for your help to make your trip memorable.

List of Budget Hotels in Anand

List of Budget Hotels in Anand

Here are the details of Budget Hotels located in the city of Anand.

Patel Boarding House

Address: 1st Floor, Manish Market,
Opp. Railway Station,
Tunka Rasta, Anand
Pin Code - 388 001
Mobile No: + (91) - 9427856101
Phone No: 02692 - 253438

Vardayini Guest House
Address: Vardayini Complex, Near Sardar Tower,
Bus Stand, Khambhat, Anand
Pin Code - 388 620
Mobile No: + (91) - 9924565780, 9825041598

Rajdeep Guest House
Address: 2nd Floor, Ya Dada Complex,
Near Old Bus Station, Anand
Pin Code - 388 001
Mobile No: + (91) - 9898707824
Phone No: 02692 - 244925

Amul Guest House
Address: Near Railway Station, Opp. Old Bus Stand,
Gujarati Chowk, Polsan Road, Anand
Pin Code - 388 001
Mobile No: + (91) - 9974121210, 9662888501

Arrow Guest House
Address: Opp. Charotar Nagarik Sahakari Bank Limited,
Subhash Road, Anand
Pin Code - 388 001
Phone No: 02692 - 252373

Circuit House
Address: Amul Dairy Road, Anand
Pin Code - 388 001
Phone No: 02692 - 240551, 259340

Hotel Ranjit
Address: Opp. Super Market,
Station Road, Anand
Pin Code - 388 001
Phone No: 02692 - 253534

Hotel Anand Corner
Address: Samrakha Chokdi,
National Highway No 8, Anand
Pin Code - 388 121
Mobile No: + (91) - 8866486440
Phone No: 02692 - 267733

Vrundavan Hotel
Address: Chikhodra Crossing,
National Highway 8, Anand
Pin Code - 388 001
Phone No: 02692 - 252801, 253801

Hotel Sarvottam
Address: Khodiyar Mataji Temple,
Tarapur - Borsad Highway,
Tarapur, Anand
Pin Code - 388 180
Mobile No: + (91) - 9429173765,
9925264429, 7600778148

Guest Houses in Anand

Guest house is also one of the good options for people coming for longer stay. These accommodations are cheap in price and good at service. They are equally good as residence with excellent facilities. In Anand, there are numbers of guest houses and rest houses that offer memorable stay in the city. Rooms here are perfectly endowed wit h comfortable bed and finishing. Food in dining room is also provided by these guest house owners. Usually, these accommodations are not so renowned but they are quite immaculate for middle class families.

Serene Locations of Guest Houses in Anand

Hostels in Anand

Hostels are the best way to stay for students in Anand. These accommodations are easily available near any popular institute or colleges. Here, they have to pay per cost system. Among their facilities, common bathrooms, single bed, side table/ short cupboard, food, and other basic proficiencies are provided. Some of the hostels are particularly reserved for ladies or girls. Many working ladies from remote areas are employed at industries and business center of Anand. For them special working ladies hostels are available in the city.

List of Girls Hostel in Anand

These are some of the best managed and reputed girls hostels in Anand enlisted below:

Daughter's Home

Address: K-38, Ishwar Nivas, Near Karamsad - V V Nagar Cross Road,
Vallabh Vidya Nagar, Anand - 388001
Mobile No: + (91) - 9727006000, 9913905058
Phone No: 02692 - 2231479

La 365 Residency Girls Hostel
Address: K 38, Ishwar Nivas, Vallabh Vidyanagar,
Karamsad Cross Road, Anand - 388001
Phone No: 02692 - 231478, 231479

Urja Girls Hostel
Address: 2nd Floor, Bhaikaka Complex, Nana Bazaar,
V V Nagar, Anand - 388001
Phone No: 02692 - 231508

Anand Girls Hostel
Address: Opp Town Hall, Nr. Electric Grid,
Anand - 388001
Phone No: 02692 - 266042

J K Smruti Hostel
Address: Yuko Park Society, Vidhyanagar Road,
Anand - 388001
Mobile No: + (91) - 9428947022, 9428437903

Shree Shajanand Children Hostel
Address: 14-A, Jalapujan, Gopi-Vidhyanagar Road,
Near Akshar Farm, Anand - 388001
Mobile No: + (91) - 9601290929
Phone No: 02692 - 290870

Pratibha Hostel
Address: Near Karamsad Medical College,
Karamsad - Sandesar Road,
Karamsad, Anand - 388325
Mobile No: + (91) - 9825035217
Phone No: 02692 - 222013, 222163
Website: www.pratibhahostel.com

Sigma Children Hostel
Address: Nana Bazaar, Opp. Panchayat Gruh,
Anand - 388001
Mobile No: + (91) - 8000309425
Phone No: 02692 - 231675

List of Boys Hostel in Anand

Here is given the list of Boys hostels in Anand for comfortable and cheap stay in the city.

Eklavya Boys Hostel

Address: Shanta Park, Opposite Amreshwar Temple,
Near Palikanagar, 80 Feet Road,
Vallabh Vidyanagar, Anand - 388120
Mobile No: + (91) - 9510187507,
8980045375, 8000035043

Nest Hostel
Address: Mota Bazaar, Near Nirmal Niketan School,
Vallabh Vidyanagar, Anand - 388120
Mobile No: + (91) - 9825797247
Phone No: 02692 - 233359, 236095

Swaminarayan Chhatralay
Address: Opp. Professor Society, Mota Bazaar,
Vallabh Vidyanagar, Anand - 388120
Mobile No: + (91) - 9601851008
Phone No: 02692 - 237359

Boy’s hostel
Address: Naran Krupa, Vallabh Vidyanagar,
Anand - 388120
Mobile No: + (91) - 9574498702

Shivam Hostel
Address: Near Raghuvir Chamber, Opp. Narayan Swaroop Hostel,
Bakrol Road, Vallabh Vidyanagar, Anand - 388120
Mobile No: + (91) - 9825239364
Phone No: 02692 - 238239

Abhishek Boys Hostel
Address: Near Purohit Dining Hall,
Vallabh Vidyanagar, Anand - 388120
Mobile No: + (91) - 9979137420, 9925811293

S.P. Hostel
Address: Nr. Iskcon Temple, Near Water Drainage Pumping Station,
Vallabh Vidyanagar, Anand - 388120
Mobile No: + (91) - 9824276310
Mobile No: + (91) - 2698-237178
Website: www.sphostelvvn.org

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